How to Make Money Selling Old Magazines Online

An estimated 65 million baby boomers in the U.S. are using the internet regularly. So what are they doing online? Web surfing down memory lane! Seems our fast paced, hurried society has created a big yearning for boomers to turn back the clock and return to the “good old days.”This nostalgia wave has created a huge demand for anything collectible from those good old days.

Old magazines are hot because they are affordable nostalgia, and a boomer can purchase a collectible issue of a favorite magazine from the 50s,60s, or 70s for as little as $12-$30. That’s created an opportunity for entrepreneurs to scout for those old magazines in their local attics, basements and garages, then sell them online to the boomer collectors who are snapping them up. It’s not a get-rich-quick business, but ideal for those who enjoy browsing local garage and estate sales to find the magazines.

Today, eBay is the best place to sell old magazines, thanks to a well-deserved reputation as the go-to spot on the internet for collectibles of all sorts. There are also many lesser-known venues, such as Those who have built up a decent inventory of magazines often open up their own online store, using inexpensive software such as

While finding old magazines is fairly easy, the secret is in knowing which ones are profitable and which are dogs. According to one book on the subject, Old Magazines Into Gold, there are about two dozen common magazines that sell well and are in plentiful supply. Some, like Life magazine, were mass-circulation magazines, hitting a peak of 8 million copies sold every week in the 60s. The common magazines like Life, Look and Good Housekeeping are the steady seller online, and usually fetch a 10X markup over the garage/estate sale price. For example, you might pay $1 each for a stack of old Life magazines at a local sale, then list each one individually on eBay for $10-$15 each.Here’s where the fun begins. Like a weekly treasure hunt, a garage or estate sale may turn up hidden gold. Examples include:

First issues. Look for Volume 1 #1 of almost any magazine. The first issue of People magazine from 1974 brings over $100.

Celebrities and VIPs. These can really boost a magazine’s collectible value, especially if the celebrity is on the cover and an article about them appears inside. Deceased celebrities tend to bring more than those still alive, but let’s use Madonna as an example anyway. She was on the cover of only one magazine in 1983, and just seven magazines in 1984, so those issues have a high value. Her very first appearance on the cover of Island magazine now brings over $1,000.

Inserts. Magazines occasionally publish an issue with an insert, which can raise the value substantially. For example, an issue of Sports Illustrated with a baseball card insert can bring 5X to 10X the price of an ordinary issue.

Avoid National Geographic. It has become the most saved magazine on the planet. Have you ever known a subscriber that did not save every issue? As a result, old issues are a very difficult sell, unless they are leather bound volumes with map inserts.

Covers. There is a sizable number of collectors who collect magazine covers, in particular the New Yorker, Life, Time and the Saturday Evening Post. A cover of a famous person, Marilyn Monroe, for example, or illustrated by a famous person like Norman Rockwell can bring many times the price of an ordinary issue.

An Expert Review of the 5links Business Opportunity

So, what is 5Linx? Well, 5Linx is a home based business opportunity and a telecommunications company that has been around since 2001. The hype was pretty crazy over this company initially but has died down quite a bit now although they still pop up now and then with a new product innovation or are featured in a home business magazine of one type or another.

So, is 5Linx a good business opportunity? Well, even though I am an advocate of the MLM industry and have strong ties to MLM and have been successful at building some organizations, I would not recommend that you get involved with 5Linx! Now calm down! Don’t come through the computer and beat the crap out of me yet! Let me tell you why first.

Just as a side note, if you are already in 5Linx I don’t recommend that you quit! Not until you have learned to successfully build a network marketing organization! That being said, let me tell you why I would never join 5Linx! Frankly, I would never put any of my time or energy in any technology based company for many reasons. Let me impart to you my main two reasons:

First, technology based products work very well in traditional business but are never good for network marketing. Why? Because of negative price pressure in the market place! Let’s say for example you launch a new product that let’s you instantaneously send text messages to aliens in another galaxy. Let’s name the new product (Itext Of The Third Kind)

When you first launch Itext of the third kind the response is freaking huge! You have the only intergalactic text messaging product of it’s kind and you have an 80% profit margin because the competition is nonexistent! You have Earthlings and aliens alike making 20 grand a month across the entire universe in your new MLM company. Business is great!

The problem is that the stories of success slowly fade and a year later China gets in on the scene of intergalactic text messaging technology and are willing to settle for a 5% profit margin sucking up all of your customers because their product is cheaper and better!

In order to compete in the market your company reduces the their product price by 75% causing a huge drop in your monthly commission checks and BAM! You are back at the drawing board starting from ground zero all over again!

Reason 2, I have yet to see a strictly communications based company survive in MLM for any long term period of time. Can you remember Excel communications? Everyone was sure as rain that they would never ever go out of business. What happened? They went out of business even though they were paying out some of the biggest commission checks in the history of MLM. Why? Because of the price pressure of of the marketplace!

5Linx is a good example of this because the average earnings of 5Linx distributors dropped by a whopping 50% in a one year period from 2006 to 2007 according to 5Linx official income numbers.

Hey, when it no longer takes 80 cents a minute to call long distance, a company simply cannot pay out huge commissions to it’s representatives. This is exactly what is happening with 5Linx as we speak! They are paying out some of the smallest commission checks in the network marketing industry to their top earners!

Now, if you are in 5Linx and you want to make some good money you need to understand that your success is totally and completely independent of the company and relies more on you as a person. There are way too many people in the MLM profession who fail to learn real marketing skills and therefore their business and their monthly checks suffer. Most MLMers could make more money flipping burgers part time at burger king!

The only way to make it in your 5Linx business or any other MLM company for that matter is marketing skills known only by the top 3 percent of all network marketers. It’s a proven statistic that 97% of all network marketers fail and the above mentioned lack of marketing skills is the reason why! Once you understand attraction marketing it will not matter if 5Linx goes under because the people who understand these principles build a loyal following and can be successful in any business of their choice.

If you want to cut through all of the hype and the MLM lies and bull crap you need to Learn the secrets that will allow you to dominate your MLM company when you master them! It’s crucial to your success in any MLM company no matter whether it’s 5Linx or something else! This stuff is not optional and you will likely join the 97% who fail if you fail to learn it!

Home Business Magazine

Anyone taking a look at magazines from the 50s or 60s would see a huge difference between them and the magazines of today. Before the advent of computers, many consumers relied on magazines to provide information, recipes, home decorating tip and business information. They read eagerly about the private lives of celebrities and eagerly awaited each issue.

The back to school issues of magazines such as Seventeen could be nearly as thick as many telephone books.Flash forward to 2009 and 2010 and magazines have changed a great deal. They have to compete with other sources of information, with a primary competitor being the computer.

Ad revenues are down in nearly every magazine being published. Some very specialized magazines have managed to stay profitable, however. Question is: how long can they continue to do so? Is the future of the magazine industry in trouble and will magazines soon be collector’s items, becoming as odd a sight as record players, typewriters and similar items?

There are some magazines which seem to buck the trend. Among the most popular are home magazines. Buyers seem to like to collect these and even tear out pages to take to home design stores. The number of home magazines has more than tripled since 2005, with news stands filled with a record number of these type of periodicals.

Even so, with the advent of computers and access to information online, the magazine industry is facing many challenges. Magazines with a long and notable history, including Gourmet and Portfolio magazine, have ceased publication. Newsweek magazine is up for sale, raising questions about how people want to get their news.

Perhaps receiving it weekly is simply too long to wait, especially when the click of a button can allow readers to have access to breaking news. Computers have many wonderful features but can signal the death of magazines which used to offer similar information.

Magazines like Newsweek, also known as newsweeklies, face special challenges. Why do they often get into trouble and face possible doom? Simple. They can’t compete with online news, information which could be breaking on the same day as a weekly news magazine hits the stand. Magazines can’t cover breaking events as quickly as online publishers. However, they can be purchased for recipes, holiday crafts, biographies of celebrities and more.

In order to lure readers, magazines must have a special hook or angle. Mary Englbreit’s Home Companion magazine featured paper dolls in the back of the periodical as well as collector prints suitable for framing and hanging on the wall (so did the old McCalls magazine). Special sports magazines covered the Olympics and featured posters which could be put on the wall. All of these features helped entice readers into buying magazines.Maybe they still will.

There is another challenge facing the magazine industry. It takes paper to fill magazines and paper generally comes from trees. Magazines have been attacked for being wasteful and not good for the environment. When given a choice between buying a magazine or reading similar information online, environmentally conscious consumers often opt for the online experience.

Mostly, it comes down to simple economics. What role do magazines have when it comes to providing information and what will consumers pay for? In order to remain competitive, the magazine industry has to create issues which readers want to buy, collect and keep for more than a day or two. Certain special collector’s editions seem to do well and even fly off the stands. But it is becoming harder and harder for the magazine industry to carve out a unique niche when it comes to providing information.

Also, in order to stay profitable, magazines must have advertisers. Unfortunately, they are competing for advertisers who often prefer to appear online. Ad revenues have been shrinking at many magazines as their usual advertisers decide to cut back on expenses or move to online ads. Advertisers have to stretch the budget as far as possible and that often means cutting particular magazines out of the mix.

5Linx Review – How Legit is This Company?

5LINX as you may already know is a full spectrum telecommunications company based out of Rochester NY. The company was founded on 5 key principals, Freedom, Integrity, Vision, Opportunity, and Success.

Lets start out by examining the documentation on the company. Inc.500 Magazine is a nationally distributed magazine that ranks the top 500 fastest growing privately held companies in United States each year. There are over 20 million privately held companies in the US today. 5LINX has been featured in the INC.500 Magazine as one of the top 500 fastest growing privately held companies in the United States for 3 consecutive years in 2006, 2007, and 2008. Company executives are also projecting the company to hit the INC.500 list for a fourth consecutive year becoming the only company in the magazine to accomplish this. In the October 13th 2008 issue of Forbes Magazine, 5LINX is featured as Leading the way in internet based telephone service.

The company was also featured in the latest issue of Success From Home Magazine, a nationally distributed magazine. Success From Home featured 5LINX in 128 pages from cover to cover and included a free DVD inside with more positive information on the company. Top 100 VoIP provider world ranking is an ongoing comparison and ranking of top world wide VoIP providers. 5LINX just recently landed in the 49 spot on that list world wide. They’re also in the Rochester’s top 100 companies ranked number 3 in 2008. It’s clear that the company is a complete success with third documentation.

The product line is a very important part of any MLM company. The main product offered by the company is digital phone service, also known as voice over internet protocol which is phone service through the internet without the use of a computer. Digital phone is the fastest growing market in the telecommunications industry today. Along with digital phone service, they also offer an exclusive video phone. This allows you to not only hear the person you’re talking to, but see them as well. Video phones have already become main stream with other countries around the world such as Czech Republic, and Denmark. Along with the phone service they also allow their independent marketing reps to market cellular phones and plans through AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, Alltel, and T-Mobile.

In addition to telecom the company also markets Direct TV, Dish Network, Internet Service and a Wireless home security system backed by GE. All of these products are service based products and the Marketing Reps earn a monthly or one time commission based on each product they sell. Having in demand products is a very important piece to any network marketing company. Any time you’re in a position to market a necessity in life, you’re in a better position than someone who markets the luxuries in life. This is assuming you believe that telecommunications is a necessity.

The final piece of the puzzle is the money. 5LINX has a compensation plan that pays based on performance. There are no catches when it comes to getting paid. They have a proven system which the marketing representatives can follow for success. I have personally interviewed some of the more successful representatives in the company and some of the more unsuccessful representatives in the company. They all say that if you remain coachable and follow the system, you will have success. I found it very interesting that the people who struggled were actually accepting the responsibility for their lack of progress.

I also learned that the company pays out over 75% of all the money that comes in. The average business in America typically pays about 30% of their gross revenues out to payroll. I found this to be very intriguing. Based on an in depth run through with the compensation plan I have to say that 5LINX offers a great opportunity for anyone who’s willing to follow their process and remain coachable.

Is a Home Based Internet Business a Risk Worth Taking?

Is a home based business a risk worth taking in these turbulent economic times? How can the average Joe profit on a self owned home business venture?

Consideration of a self-owned business these days is a viable option, a rescue plan, for many families and individuals concerned with stabilizing their own incomes, providing for their own financial security and addressing their own credit crunch. A self start business is more than ever a unique opportunity.

As our US Congress labors over the 700 billion bail out of our financial system, many investors think a return to self owned home business is a smart strategy. Many financial advisors see opportunity in privately owned business sectors. Many believe it may be the most necessary variable for success right now.

According to a survey of CEO’s listed on the NYSE, related in the September issue of a leading business magazine, Barron’s, the CEO’s overwhelming agreed, 90%, that the economic outlook was considered fair to poor compared to 16% previously. These results are not surprising to the average hardworking person. Persons are looking seriously again to home based business innovations to overcome their own personal crisis in this stressful financial market.

In these times more entrepreneurial leaders are most likely making self start decisions, to solve the financial concerns that are discussed in their own living rooms. This type of business venture can be a realistic approach to investing. Many investors are again seizing the opportunities for self determination.

According to reports discussed in the BUSINESS WIRE,(07), referrals to the potentials of home based business are described as “a sleeping giant.”

Business self determination factors the risks, expenditures and well thought out personal objectives in alternative investment sources, especially in response to today’s market. In fact the continuing concern over the economy fuels an ever increasing return to self owned business endeavors. Innovations in home based business concepts have reached a much higher appeal with individual success stories.

Be sure to look for additional individual success reports